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Adam Birch

15 Sept 2022

Andrew Pearson retires

On the 15th September '22 we said farewell to Andrew Pearson as he retired from shipping after spending the last 5 years of his Shipbroking career at Rigel Shipping.

Andrew's career started 47 years ago to the day on the 15th September 1975 when he was employed by Alan Keep (MD) at Ferromar Ltd that first office being located in Gracechurch Street being no more than 200 yards from the present Rigel office. Alan's first words of advice to him were "If you think this is all going to be a bed of roses, don't come in tomorrow''

After departing from Ferromar after 9 years Andrew has worked at various other London companies before joining Rigel in 2017.

47 wonderful years which haven't always gone to plan which makes this industry so exciting and disappointing in the same hour never mind day.. His first fixture was 1500 tons of steel from Ghent to Dagenham earning the company a massive 37.00 pounds which was spent in celebration in Simpsons in Cornhill.

Although the industry has seen numerous changes over the years, Andrew has had the opportunity to travel and visit places all round the world making many friends along the way. He wishes all in Rigel and friends throughout the shipping world continued success and happy fixing.

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